All BSc (Hons.) Agriculture courses

This is a compulsory and very important course for agricultural students intending to earn the degree of B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture. This course has been included in the scheme of study to strengthen the foundation of students regarding their knowledge about soil as a universal medium for plant growth. This course will help the graduates to understand the basic concepts regarding soil and its importance for agriculture. It will also familiarize the students with soil science as a sub-discipline of agriculture and its various branches. Moreover, this course will enhance the knowledge of students regarding soil parent material (from which soil is formed), soil forming processes, soil properties (physical, chemical and biological) and their relation with plant growth, essential plant nutrients and their functions and sources. Last but not least, various soil issues and their solutions will also be elaborated in this course to prepare the graduates for sustainable use of soil for crop production. In addition to theoretical knowledge, various practicals have also been included in this course to enhance the practical skills of students regarding basic analysis of soil for the determination of pH, EC, organic matter, bulk density, texture. This course will also enable the students to analyze the irrigation water to assess its quality for crop production.